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  • ...a light-hearted way to present a somewhat dry topic.

    "Presenting heavy topics like fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer dollars in an engaging, yet poignant way is not easy. Ian executed the task perfectly. His deep research, well-thought-out ideation, and final product show just what a professional he is.

    "The comics Ian provided for my consulting work were the perfect addition to my online articles. They allowed me a light-hearted way to present a somewhat dry topic. Being able to customize them to my audience in a way that spoke directly to them, was the key to their success."
    Collett Litchard • Grant Analyst

  • Working with Ian was a great experience.

    "In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Ian Castruita created two comics for the City of Tempe to help our community. We brainstormed two concepts: one to promote the idea of helping our small businesses and another to remind people to wear masks and social distance.

    "Ian came up with all the content for the comics from there. He wrote text, drew people and created the action. His work was original, fun and conveyed the messages we needed to send. He took our feedback and incorporated it into his comics in a professional way. He also met all the deadlines for this project.

    "Working with Ian was a great experience. We will gladly use him again for future freelance illustration or comics needs we may have."
    Kris Baxter-Ging • City of Tempe Public Information Officer

  • ...a much more compelling and engaging way than could be accomplished using text alone.

    "I worked with Ian Castruita to create a summary of my career in the form of a graphic novel. I believe it tells the story in a much more compelling and engaging way than could be accomplished using text alone. Working with Ian was an enjoyable experience. He asked great questions, was extremely professional and really wanted the comic to convey the appropriate message. I was thrilled with the end result and responses from people who have seen it have been overwhelmingly positive."
    Jay Rapson

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Public Work

Thumbnail of a multipanel, green and black comic showing images of a dollar bill and George Washington.

Tell It With Comics ® | The Value of a Dollar

Panel One - A multistory mall with an open atrium and escalators prominent. People are shopping and over their heads are luminescent numbers in either red or green. Two characters look over the crowd.
Narrator: In Daniel Suarez’s Freedom™, a scene plays out in a shopping mall where two characters use augmented reality and easily accessed financial data to see the net worth of shoppers walking past.
“...glowing numbers hovering over the heads of all the shoppers moving past them. Dollar amounts. Green for positive, red for negative. Most of the numbers floating over peoples' heads were negative.
There was no anticipating who had money and who didn't. Some of the most successful looking people seemed to be worst off.” (Suarez)
Panel Two - A woman with a green number above her head, looking up at it.
Woman (narrator): What does the number floating above your own head say about your relationship with displaying wealth versus having it?
Panel Three - The narrator is looking up at a wealthy looking woman who is riding an escalator up, and has a red number above her head. Shops are in the background.
Woman (narrator): Do you see purchases as investments in how people perceive you?
Panel Four - The narrator sits in the background of a cafe. A barista is serving coffee with a green number above her head.
Woman (narrator): Do you think your wealth is something to hide from others in order to avoid the attention it will bring?
Panel Five - A smiling clerk is completing a transaction with a man who is mostly off panel except for his hand. His hand holds a cell phone which he's using to buy something in a mall shopping bag that the clerk is holding.
Narrator (off panel): It’s not far-fetched that in Freedom™, the well-to-do people are often the most in debt.
Panel Six - Two women passing each other in a mall corridor. One walking toward us is wealthy and carrying several shopping bags, a red number hovers above her. To her right a woman is carrying shopping and wearing more plain clothing - a very large green number hovers over her.
Narrator (off panel): Some demonstrate value to others at the expense of their actual well being; because they believe one is more important than the other.
Panel Seven - The narrator is holding an invoice toward the reader, her green number is slightly less than when we original saw her in panel 2.
Woman (Narrator): Sometimes it does pay to understand that value is what others perceive, but perception is ultimately worthless when bills come due and we’re faced with reality.

Tell It With Comics ® | The Value of a Person



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